Friday, October 17, 2008

Tomorrow — Make-up Class Part Deux

Hi geniuses,

Kiran and I have, er, graciously agreed to make up for last week’s missed class and have one-on-ones at TM tomorrow, Friday, Oct. 16 @ 6:30.

Please, if you’re not going to make it, email us your work so we can see how it’s coming along.

But I do seriously recommend that you come and take advantage of our one-on-one critiques. It will help you move your campaigns along and get to a better place.

So. Tomorrow. Be in the lobby at 6:15. At 6:30 I’ll take you guys up in the elevator. We’ll probably be on the 19th floor this time so you can play ping pong/watch TV/do whatever while you wait for your critique. Shouldn’t take long.

Oh, and bring all your work up to this point, even if you haven’t done anything further with it since we last saw it. Just so Kiran and I have an idea of where you are.

Thanks, and see you tomorrow. Call my office number if you have any questions.


upfreak said...

thanks for the no comments, a-holes.

Justin McCormick said...

not a problem

mitortilla said...

o.k. cool, I'll be there.