Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Hi geniuses,

I hate to do this to you, again. But I hear you guys are struggling, a lot of you anyway, with this latest assignment.

So I’m giving you two extra days, and canceling tomorrow’s class. We can have a make-up when Kiran’s in town.

I want you to turn your campaigns in Thursday by 6 p.m. at my office, less than a block away from UCD.

And I mean as done as they can be. Full-color, finished, and polished.

I know you all have a class on Thursday evening. That’s why I’m choosing 6 p.m... To give you time to get to your other class. I’d give you more time, but it’s simply not going to be possible.

Friday morning you’ll get your new assignment, and hopefully we’ll start meeting regularly again next week. Those of you who feel like you’re struggling need to be contacting me and Kiran more often. You know who you are. It can only help, right?

Wish me luck. I have a big presentation to Nationwide tomorrow—the idea some of you saw last Friday at the agency. Let’s hope they like it.

Enjoy your second stay of execution this semester.

Talk to me or comment if you have questions.

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