Monday, October 6, 2008

Thoughts, opinions, suggestions?

Those of you that were there friday know that I had to rethink my campaign and come up with a new one, here's what I got..

My tag line will be "We told you it was fast."

(I'm a little unsure about my shadow on the shoe)

I'm struggling to come up with a third ad, I was thinking about having a dog pulling at a Frisbee that had been thrown into the cement and dried up.

Please, don't hold anything back I want all suggestions and comments, feel free to tear me up.


Justin McCormick said...
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Justin McCormick said...

Hey man, its great to see that you have been working on this, and I am actually impressed with some of your photoshop work. Here are some of my thoughts real quickly:

1) the concrete does not look freshly poured. There is a subtle time inconstancy. The grass grown up on the sides, pot marks and the worn edges of the sidewalk make it look like its been there for years. That is okay, except the things stuck in the cement looks as though it has been freshly stuck.
The solution would be to either age the items stuck, or get pictures of freshly laid and dried cement.

2) perspective issues with the writeing, but thats a easy fix

3) Might be better to use a bigger stick, the twig just looks sickly

4) get rid of the other foot print in the cement, its unnecessary and actually makes the stuck shoe a bit more confusing.

Anyways just some thoughts

mitortilla said...

the tennis shoe bothers me, it looks too liquefied. i think it has to be completely stuck inside the cement, just making a mess, maybe some wet cement signs might help or those pieces of wood they place around the cement from keeping from spilling. I agree with Justin about the long grass

kylekelley said...

Thanks guys, Brian actually suggested the second shoe print, so I think I might leave it, I'll work on the perspective for the writing but I'm actually not quite sure how to do that. I agree on the stick though, I'll try and find a new one.

Thanks very much for your comments

upfreak said...

where's the shoe one? did you delete it dude?