Friday, September 19, 2008



upfreak said...

I lived for nearly two years right across the street from that red-brick retirement home you see in this episode. It's a real place, and it's really a retirement home in Philly.

It's also where I saw someone die, and my landlord got stabbed.

West Philly. Thank god Fresh Prince got out.

mitortilla said...

so you've lived in your share of cities. wow, so you have a history of people being stabbed close to where you work or live. I saw a drug dealer who had been shot by an ak-47 and crashed his car outside the bar we were in, the guy tried to get out, got shot even more and was laying there intestines out. Juarez sweet Juarez

upfreak said...

that's horrible.

i knew you were messed up for a reason.

mitortilla said...

yes, daddy didn't love me and I learned how to tie a tie on the internet. boo hoo.