Friday, September 19, 2008

Is There Something I Should Know?

I need to have a talk with my daughter. Maybe my wife. Something's afoot in the Dunaway household, and I'm obviously out of the loop.

Also, I had no idea word bubbles could wrap around someone's head like that.

DSCF1534 by you.


mitortilla said...

your daughter could've come up with this great ad

upfreak said...

No, that's ghey. And overwrought.

mitortilla said...

true, it doesn't need anything but the image

upfreak said...

I just wish the kids weren't crying. It's not subtle at all.

And, do you really need more than one ad that does the EXACT SAME THING visually in the campaign? It's the same freeking ad, three times.

Really more of a poster in my humble opinion.