Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Don't forget! Art Chantry Tonight, $10 bucks with student i.d. @ Cityplace (Haskell next to Target)


Justin McCormick said...

Yeah it was fun!

HOLALiNA said...

it was long!

Justin McCormick said...

I know it! A three hour ramble did not even phase him, he looked ready to go on for another three. Can you imagine being in one of his classes?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I thought Art Chantry was awesome. I took note of a few points he made that I thought I'd share:

-Research what you're interested in, build on it

-Deconstruct it, recreate it

-ugly is another tool

-some advertising is used to keep people away from what you're doing.

-when in doubt use: naked ladies, cigarette butts, arrows, nuclear bombs, exploding hot rods, or flying saucers (jokingly)

-(he) had to build a market to build a career

-we are all post-modernists, we copy, recycle old ideas

-we create a visual language or visual dialogue

-our jobs are to change peoples minds, we're the best mindfucks :)

-we manipulate propaganda

-be brilliant and stupid (I think I've heard that before)