Thursday, February 19, 2009

One Show Deadline Extended


Don’t drop your stuff off to Lee today. We don’t need to send it in until next week. The One Club has extended the deadline to next Friday, Feb. 27.

I told you the One Club are a bunch of morons. Leave it to them to tell us the DAY BEFORE IT’S DUE that they’re extending the deadline.

Anyway. Go take a nap or something. Then revisit your campaign with fresh eyes for the first time in days.


More later. ADDY time.


kylekelley said...

I a way that rules, In another way it sucks balls

upfreak said...


Actually, if you read the fine print on the website, it says that entries after the 20th will be assessed a $10 late fee. Which means it’s pretty much still due tomorrow, although we can send the printed pieces later.

So my advice is: use the next 24 hours to finish your campaigns (a few of you are already finished). Then upload your finished work tomorrow and bring your finished, printed, ready-to-send work to class Tuesday night. And we’ll send it then.


So... Finish today and tomorrow. Upload by tomorrow to avoid the late fee. Bring finished printed pieces to class Tuesday.

I’m being told that you can’t make changes to your printed campaigns once you upload them, so use your extra day wisely.

Hope that makes sense. Stupid One Club.


upfreak said...

or you can just enter your stuff late and pay $10 extra per entry.

mitortilla said...
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