Monday, February 16, 2009

free lunch

everybody's invited to lunch tomorrow starting at 12:30 at the corner of griffin & elm (ONE MAIN PLACE is the's a map) we will set up tables end to end for 50 ft. I want to video tape it for part of the one show campaign. I will have food for 40 people. I expect strangers and homeless people to show up, so if it's easy for you to bring a sack lunch (something you made by hand) please do, but more importantly just come if you have the time. We'll feed you.

p.s. is anyone interested in streaking with me and Justin after class tues night at walmart? (you get to wear a speedo)


Justin McCormick said...

count me in dude!

HOLALiNA said...

To Jacob:
i just came home... and I was thinking that what you are trying to achieve with this is for people to also change their daily routine...right!?

i know it's a pun, but this word came to mind: