Wednesday, February 11, 2009

more stuff


upfreak said...

People. Please.

If you're going to post work on the blog, make sure it's actually worth looking at. I've yet to see anything anyone's posted for Long's that's worth looking at. This student stuff in particular is awful.

Looking at awful work can have a poisonous effect on yours. It's like contaminating your creative groundwater. Do Kiran and I tell you to immerse yourself in crap? No. We tell you to look at great work. For the obvious reason.

Besides, keeping track of what other students are doing on this project is not a good use of your valuable time right now.

If you know of something great out there, then post it. Otherwise don't bother.

Create from a pure place. Don't simply react.

Now go and be great this weekend. Happy Love Day.

mitortilla said...

it's more of an exercise in what not to do.