Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The worst day at an agency still beats the best day a bank ever had.

Not sure who to credit this to, but the quote rings true every day spent inside a small cubicle, surrounded by some of the best people you will ever meet in your life. Some days I wanted to jump out the window, and others, well, they are spectacular. I truly will miss the years at Targetbase and look forward to new opportunities on the horizon. I should have shared this before, but hey, it kinda slipped my mind.

So, we had this standee, a cardboard replica of Bob the Builder. Leftover from the days of HIT Entertainment, a huge client before my time. Bob had been a staple for a long while, and had a lot of adventures around the creative department. A few of the guys in the studio even used him for target practice. We had a huge Christmas gifting party and there were a ton of Nerf guns, superbadass Nerf guns, that were exchanged. These guys sealed the gun casings and modified the darts with lead tips. You couldn't even see these fuckers flying through the department. The darts easily punctured right through Bob and even left scratches on the windows. They could have killed somebody, fo' reals.

A month or so ago, Bob made an appearance on the front lawn. Apparently he was looking for his lost Labrador Retriever (who was actually spotted on the lawn, the previous day, and ended up being returned to his rightful owner).

Then, the unthinkable happened. Bob was kidnapped. Holy hell broke loose. We were calling the building manager, the front desk, nobody knew what happened to Bob. Then came the missing posters. (I might have had a hand in these and I have to credit Jennifer Cowan as the copywriter). Within 10 minutes, Bob showed up near the stairwell with one of the missing posters stapled to his chest.

Someone, at another agency in the building, had kidnapped Bob during the lunch break, and after seeing the missing posters we put in the elevators, felt so bad, they had no choice but to return Bob to it's rightful owner, the 5th floor.

Many good times were shared, yet, sometimes it's a good thing to move on. There are plenty of opportunities out there for us, the crazy creatives. I hope you get to relish in yours.

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