Monday, November 3, 2008

Go Vote

An election does not come around often...and one that could actually change the course of human history...even rarer. So take time off, stand in line, and vote. You've stood in line for a lot worse...some shitty band, the iPhone, a seedy club, the urinal...

As Americans, your vote carries a lot more weight than that of...let's say, a Ukranian, a Canadian (Sorry, Justin), or an Indian. It affects the world, so try to think big picture. Friends of mine back home lost their jobs the week after the melt down here. That's how globalized the world is.

Empires and Superpowers tend to have a life cycle...the Greeks, Romans, the British, Led Zeppelin...and right now this country is at the mouth of a precipice thanks to the misadventures of a low-IQ, inarticulate, fortunate son. So your vote is important, and could save the day...or doom the country you love.

So go vote.


Justin McCormick said...

My son who is in Pre K4 came home on Friday with a print out of a sample ballot and the pictures of the candidates on it. They were going to participate in a mock vote demonstrating the importance of civic responsibility.
Of course my son only being four does not fully grasp all the issues that face the country. Both Kirsten and I however did not just want to tell him who to vote for so we explained that he had to chose which person he wanted as president based on what he felt was important.
He sat there and thought about it for some time then asked, "which one is the fastest runner?

He voted for Obama today.

kylekelley said...

I mean, obama IS black

obviously hes the faster runner

mitortilla said...

and McCain only runs if he sees a Vietnamese person.

HOLALiNA said...

hehe that's cute.

"Mr. McCane" wouldn't run that fast anyway.