Friday, November 21, 2008

Some Student Books You Should Look At.

Here are links to some books from VCU. These people are now working in Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, L.A. and New York.

Which should give you hope, because you guys can do this kind of stuff.

I think the only big difference you'll see is the "360-degree thinking," for lack of a better term. These guys are trained to think up huge ideas that can work across all platforms--web, print, outdoor, guerilla, you name it. Some books you have a hard time finding any "ads" in them--it's the thought that gets creative directors excited these days. Well, that and kick-ass executions.

Anyway. Here you go.

Tim Gordon (now at Droga5, NYC)

Latasha Ewell (now at Publicis in the West, Seattle)

Diana Brost (now at CP+B, Boulder—TM offered her a job on my recommendation)

Kirsten Klieman (now in Chicago—TM offered her a job too, on my reco, which she spat on)

Michael Collier (now in Detroit—he turned down a TM offer, too. Hmmm. Seems to be a pattern here of young, hungry, talented people eschewing Dallas for some strange reason)

Kasey Foster

Tor Weeks

Jillian Dresser

Jason Rosenberg

Karen Land

Alex Grinton

Marcus Brown

Take a gander.


mitortilla said...

I liked the copywriters a lot, I'm guessing they all had to take Mark Fenske?

kylekelley said...

I hope you're feeling like handing out recommendations when I graduate

thanks in advance

the perv

mitortilla said...

he's gonna recommend me to a psychiatrist.