Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Lastest Assignment on Earf.

Hi all,

I have... drumroll... the final assignment:

Those of you who had Veet: you get White Rock Skate Center.

Those of you who had the baby monitor: you get Highland Park Pharmacy.

The assignment is one poster/outdoor board. If you want to do more, or your idea lends itself to multiple executions, knock yourself out.

Questions? Comments? Witty anecdotes? I highly suggest you visit the place first.

See you Tuesday! I still want to see 21 ideas. Can you do it? I bet Jacob can.


mitortilla said...

that skate center is totally ghetto

kylekelley said...

my band played a concert at that skate place


john said...

The grilled cheese sandwich at HPP was delicious! The eggs looked and tasted a bit institutional. Neat place.

upfreak said...

I recommend the grilled pimiento.