Friday, November 7, 2008


Entry Dates:
December 3, 2008
10:00am to 3:00pm

December 16, 2008
noon till 5:30pm

December 17, 2008
noon till 5:30pm

December 18, 2008
9am till 5:30pm

$25 Student entry fee

Drop off Location:
Clampitt Creative Center
9207 Ambassador Row
Dallas, Texas 75247

All student work entered in the ADDY competition must have first produced between January 1 and December 31, 2008.
Entry Submissions:
Two (2) copies of the physical entry must be placed in the appropriately-sized clear or manila-type envelope. If entry is three-dimensional and too large to fit in an envelope, enclose the item inside an appropriately-sized box. Every entry should have the entry number label securely attached.

Categories (brief list below, see website for breakdown of categories)

Sales Promotion
Collateral Material
Direct Marketing
Non-Traditional Advertising
Consumer or Trade Publication
Interactive Media
Mixed Media
Advertising for the Arts and Sciences
Public Service
Advertising Industry Self-Promotion
Elements of Advertising

Entry website to follow.


mitortilla said...

is it $25 per campaign?

Justin McCormick said...


upfreak said...

Money well-spent, trust me.

I think Alicia spent over $80 last year on at least four campaigns, and I never hear her complain about the price.

Or any of the other people who won.

Do yourself a favor and enter at least your best two campaigns.

upfreak said...

And yes, I believe it is $25 per.

mitortilla said...

Oh I don't mind. I'm going to enter I a Dorito.

Anonymous said...

I can believe you guys are whining about this. FYI: you wont get anywhere if you dont pay out first. Youre digging yourself a big hole and dont even know it. And all of the talent in the world (which you guys have!) wont help you land your dream job if you arent recognized - by a teacher, organization or whoever. So who care if you cant go to one more movie this month or something. Isnt your future worth a mere $25 per entry?

And yes, I did pay $80 - but i got $1000 out of it. Not to mention a ton of open doors that were dead-bolted before. Worth it? I think so.

mitortilla said...


Justin McCormick said...

haha, well belive me I was not complaining at all. In fact i do not think anyone was.
I have no problem on principle paying that, I truly believe the opportunity is worth every penny.
I do know however that practically it will be limiting me to about 2 entrees, and I will have to do a bit of financial juggling to do so. I know that sounds pathetic, but that is the reality of being full time student and having a family to support.
Anyways I am very excited about this, and I have been entering any show that comes my way. I strongly suggest everyone to do it, especially those who have yet to meet their show entry requirements as set out by Lee for this semester. Thanks for the heads up on this!

mitortilla said...

There's a lot of awesome stuff I've seen from Design 2 with Suzanne, direct marketing stuff, some good ideas. You guys should enter that as well.