Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Spit In Your Beer

This is the beer we should have assigned you: Peruvian chicha. The fermentation is started by someone chewing on corn and spitting it out. Yes, that's what the beer is made from: corn that someone else has already chewed.


Apparently there's an American brewer—the same one that produces Dogfish Head—who's making it the traditional way. Here's the NYTimes article.

I say, bring it on. Hell, I'll try anything once. As long as it's beer.


mitortilla said...

i'll have spit over any chemicals budweiser select 55 has; any day of the week. :p weird sentence :(

mitortilla said...

I want to try this bad. I've probably eaten my fair share of poop in Mexico, I don't think a little spit will do anything to me.