Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Powers of Ten

This is that film I was telling you about yesterday, my pretties.

It's an educational ditty by Charles and Ray Eames, who had apparently become quite the filmmakers during the '60s and '70s. I think it's a brilliant piece of communication by a couple of brilliant designers. (After all, what is good design but good communication?)

9:03 well-spent, even if you don't like science or math or vaguely erotic picnics in Chicago.


mitortilla said...

Its like Zardoz.

Justin McCormick said...

Yes, I spent countless hours with the book version of this as a kid. Reductionism, an innate curiosity the mind. Anthony (my youngest boy) is utterly fascinated with "what is this made of?"
You give him the answer, "Cells."
Then he very quickly responds,
"What are cells made of?"

This game goes on for awhile. My answer right now to any of the precursor questions is simply, "quarks."

mitortilla said...

Some cough syrup in his melk can cure that.