Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Print Ad Exhibit in CommArts


Take a gander at this sublime collection of rectangles put together by Communication Arts. I've included a few that I like below.

There are 115 campaigns total. Study them. See how they work. See the aesthetic that the writers and art directors were going for. Break down the thinking. Really pay attention to how you personally react to different campaigns—especially if you like it a lot.

I say this because it's obvious to me that some of you aren't asking yourself a fundamental question about your work:

If I didn't create this and I saw it, would I really like it?

Some of you in Monday's class were/are completely fooling yourselves that you would like some of the rectangles you presented. And I'm dumbstruck if you really, truly thought Kiran or I would like a lot of them.

Come on, it's time to be honest. Keep this in mind when you're pushing your ideas this week, okay?

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