Friday, December 12, 2008

From London

Just ate the second Fish & Chips plate of my stay, followed by something called the Eaton Mess (strawberries, cream and a meringue), for dessert. My hotel window overlooks Hyde Park. And it hasn't been as cold as I'd expected. So things are good.

We're working on the sound design for the spot with a guy called Johnnie Burn, at Wave. He has a wall full of D&AD pencils. I'm tempted to steal one. We also looked at initial renders of the CG on the spot...tons of work yet...we have our hands full.

I wish all you guys a great review. Many have made large leaps in the last week or so, and I'm thrilled by that. Make sure you get your stuff together in time for the internships and the Addys. We need to own the Addys again, and I see plenty of work that can make that happen.

That's it for now...remember to have fun...think your presentation through...don't apologize for your work...have your answers ready...and accept criticism graciously, not with a lame cop-out. Think of this as a lab for the real world.

Make us proud.


upfreak said...

There will be no presenting of work. Just critiques. But be prepared to answer any questions people have about your work.

mitortilla said...
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mitortilla said...

yes, very boring video indeed i thought we were going to present. Sniff, I was gonna make a show with my gay poster.

upfreak said...

The poster rocked. Love it.

mitortilla said...

thanks man!