Monday, December 15, 2008

Beer and Course Evaluation

Guys, I have a problem. Maybe you can help me.

I forgot to have you do the Student Course Evaluation. This is the second semester I've done that. So unless you want me to be fired (your vote doesn't count, Rebecca), please help.

Here's the deal: if you guys come down to UCD and fill out these evaluations sometime this week, even tonight if possible, I will gladly buy beer for anyone who shows up. Should take only a few minutes.

Let me know. I know Mkuki's thing is Wednesday, **CORRECTION** so why don't you come to UCD just before and fill out your forms and then walk over to Pearl? **CORRECTION** I would do it Tuesday, but I've got a rehearsal that night.

If you want to come on your own sometime and just meet me at the agency, we can do that too.

Lemme know. Again, thanks. I'll try to give as many of you as I can parking passes for the garage also. Come to the blog and vote for the day.

Thanks. Really appreciate it.



mitortilla said...

There's a Winter Shitstorm or something coming, so I'm Guessing we're not doing the evaluation tonight?

HOLALiNA said...

is it Wednesday!? Or Thursday!?

The email says Thursday, and the poll says Wednesday.

mitortilla said...

Wednesday just before Mkuki's gathering

mitortilla said...

It's that logic thing I was telling you about Lina. Try it, you'll like it. ;)

HOLALiNA said...

pff look who's talking about being logical... mister tape on carpet, hairs on projects.

mitortilla said...