Monday, December 8, 2008

Critique Info

Hi Geniuses,

We will not be having a final class period this week. We felt that you could better use the time to work on your ads before the portfolio review on Friday.

So what that means is this: you must, must, must send us your work before Wednesday, in PDF form. Please don't make it huge. I wouldn't want my email account to be disabled because 10 students send me 100 10mb Acrobat files in 10 hours. Extra credit for anyone who figures out that word problem.

Again, you M U S T send your stuff before Wednesday. Preferably early on Tuesday. (Because Kiran is leaving for London Wednesday.) Then you'll have a day and a half to make necessary adjustments before you start boarding your stuff up.

Another thing I must ask of you: use your own judgment to get your campaigns where they need to be. Don't send us something we've already commented on but you haven't changed. That only wastes our time--and anyway, the period for hand-holding is over. Our remaining comments in the next 36 hours are going to be short and sweet. You're going to have to take personal responsibility for your work to make it ass-fuck-balls great.


Drop off your finished, cleanly mounted work (on standard 15x20 black art board) at 10 a.m. on Friday at my office. 10 A.M. AT MY OFFICE ON FRIDAY. Go up to the 20th floor, and there's a wonderful woman named Claudia there who will take it for you if you tell her what it's for. Mentioning my name might be a good idea since I doubt she's ever heard of A&M-Commerce.

Then at 6:30 p.m. at TM Advertising that same day I will take whoever is in the lobby upstairs to begin the review. If you come late, don't bother coming up. If you can't make it to your final review on time, then you don't deserve a passing grade in this class. Camp out at UCD or in the lobby if you have to. Don't try to get down here during rush hour. Some douchebag $30,000 millionaire with his B'mer will get in a wreck on whatever road you choose to take, back up traffic for miles and ruin your semester. In years past, people have met at a coffee shop or restaurant nearby (read: across the street) at least an hour or even two hours early and just waited it out there so there was no chance they would be late.

I hope that's clear. Just to reiterate: you're dropping off your work earlier than the actual review on Friday so we can have people at the agency, including our professional critique guests, look at it before the 6:30 p.m. review.

Email me if you have any questions.

Good luck,


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mas cerveza said...

And don't forget to mail me pdfs.