Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snuggie Rules

Marketing's New Red-Hot Seller: Humble Snuggie
After 4 Million Sold, There's Waiting List for Blanket With Arms

I try to teach you to be great, to swing for the fences, to treat your audience like they're at least as smart as you.

And then something like this comes along and totally blows every theory I have out of the water.


It's more popular than God, according to recent estimates. Against all odds, launching amid the worst recession since the Ice Age, it flies of the shelves. There's a bloody waiting list for these things. A waiting list to look like you're in a Jedi Knight hospital ward.

Bad ads, an idiotic product. One big joke. A joke that's helping someone, somewhere laugh all the way to the bank.

So what does this teach us, the idea snobs, the concept worshipers?

Well, maybe it teaches us that there are two ways into the hearts and minds of the populace: the front door, and the cellar door. If you come through the front door, you better be as charming as you possibly can. If you go through the cellar door, you better hit as hard as you can and hope your victims eventually come to enjoy the abuse.

One thing I will say: I wouldn't want to be known for those awful, awful Snuggie ads. But if I ever have an idea for a product that's so bad it's good, I know who I'm going to call to do my commercials.

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mitortilla said...

Well, i'm just happy people are still inventing stuff.