Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hitchcock on Creativity

"Nothing has changed since Red Riding Hood," says the master of horror. Interesting. So if people are frightened of the same thing they were as children, does that mean they'll respond to the same charm they did as kids too?

The first two or three minutes of this are genius, and pertain directly to the creative process Kiran and I try to teach but, alas, cannot. In particular, the conversation about cliches right around the 2-minute mark.


HOLALiNA said...

i got frightened by his sexism.

mitortilla said...

I want to have his sexist baby.

upfreak said...

Well this interview DID take place over half a century ago. This guy started out making silent films, for god's sake.

All better.

HOLALiNA said...

well, aside from what i said; what he says is very intense and true.

All buh, buh...better.

HOLALiNA said...

btw, love how he he says CinemOh.