Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Post-It Easel Pads:

Hey, everybody i just saw an ad for the new post-it easel pads, and you know Brian how you're always saying that you want to wallpaper the classrooms i think these are pretty bad ass I'm totally buying a pad and going crazy with the pencil ;p.

they're like huge post-it notes that stick to the walls! no more stupid thumb tacks



upfreak said...

OK, now that we know what's been done... don't do that.

mitortilla said...

also in cmyk there is one with people with their heads cut off and a guy with headphones in the middle, and another one where all the airplane passengers are library ladies and/or hardcore muslim ladies

upfreak said...

...or that.

john said...

No noise ... I like the line, but it's long walk for a short drink