Friday, August 29, 2008

Meet Mark Fenske

This is the man who gave me a love for communication.

He appreciates and recognizes great things. He's one of those guys whose standards are so impossibly high that he operates on a different planet.

He's started agencies, directed music videos, was a very early employee at Wieden+Kennedy, taught, gone back to Wieden+Kennedy, and then taught again.

He taught me a huge portion of what I know. He's also the most quotable person I've ever met.

Get to know him:


When he does update his blog, it's always something worth reading and putting into practice.


mitortilla said...

he's the professor you told us about that had a red marker and would write SHIT on the student's papers or something like that? hahaha i would've cried

upfreak said...

He's not afraid to tell you your work sucks. Usually in dramatic fashion. It makes you a stronger creative. You gotta keep in mind that it's about the piece of paper, not the person.